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This page explains the security devices used by i4hire.


If you have any questions please click here to contact us.



The majority of Horse Trailers that are stolen in the UK are stolen by:


This being someone who takes advantage of an opportunity that arises, who has not pre-planned the theft of your trailer, but who has usually come across a trailer that has no security measures deployed. The opportunity is present, they have a tow vehicle and they do not need to circumvent any security measures as none are in place. In other words they see your trailer, like it, hitch it on and drive away with it. It can be as easy as this or you can make it harder for this type of thief:


Park the trailer up within a secure gated compound or yard where it cannot be seen by passing traffic.


If you keep the trailer at your yard, tell the other liveries and the yard owner that no one else has authority to remove the trailer.


If you are at a show and someone asks you about your trailer do not tell them where you keep it.


If you take your trailer to a show lock it to the tow vehicle using the locking coupling head and fix your wheel clamp to one of the trailer wheels.


If you keep the trailer at home on your drive, consider using two wheel clamps or attach a heavy duty chain through the trailer towing arms and secure this to a object that cannot be moved.


Park your vehicle across the trailer or in front of it, nose to nose and secure your own vehicle as well.


Use all the security devices that we supply you with in addition to all the above.



All our trailers come with security devices to assist you in ensuring the safety of the trailer whilst in your care. The security devices we supply you with must be used on the trailers at all times when not being towed and it is a part of our terms and conditions that you do use all the security devices.


In addition all our trailers are fitted with an electronic tagging system.


Coupling Head


Lockable low profile coupling head ensures optimum clearance of

4 x 4 rear doors.


In addition to the fitted security devices we also supply you with a heavy duty wheel clamp for use on either of the rear trailer wheels. These clamps are a good visual deterrent and are one of the best clamps available on the market today and the bonus is that they are quick and simple to use. We use them throughout our fleet and having tried many clamps we have come to the conclusion that these are the best available.





This clamp is supplied FREE of charge with every hire.


All our trailers are supplied with a spare wheel fitted to the trailer and a wheel brace for you to use in the event of an emergency.


If you have any questions about Horse Trailer security please click here to contact us. 


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