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Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains commonly asked questions and answers.


If you have any additional questions please click here to contact us.



What horse trailers are available for hire? 

The Ifor Williams HB505 and HB 510 Horse Trailers



Do you hire other trailers besides horse trailers?

No, only horse trailer



Do I need to clean the trailer whilst I hire it? 

Seasonal Hire Trailers we expect to be kept in a clean condition to prevent deterioration. We would expect them to have the higher side panels and roof washed at least twice during the hire period to prevent algae staining to the white roof and side panels. We would also recommend that droppings are removed from trailers after each use as these can stain the mats and internal kick boards. The trailers both internally and externally have to have been cleaned in order for us to inspect them for any signs of damage on return. If you return the trailer in an unacceptable soiled condition we reserve the right to charge you 30 for the extra cleaning involved and the disposal of any waste from within. If we cannot examine the trailer on its return due to its dirty condition it will be cleaned and then examined at a third party dealership where any damage will be documented to us and a charge for cleaning plus damage repair will be made to the hirer. In short, we ask hirers to look after our trailers as if they were their own property and treat them with respect.



What happens if I damage the trailer or it is stolen from me whilst on hire? 

Normal wear and tear is acceptable and as we are horse owners we are sensible as to what is reasonable. However, to hire does not imply a right to damage. We endeavour to maintain our fleet in pristine condition and with your co-operation this is easily achieved. The hire of a Horse Trailer should be treated with the same respect as if you were to hire a car and should be treated no differently.

Our terms and conditions state that all security devices that are supplied with a trailer must be used when the trailer is not being towed. This should prevent/deter the casual thief. On your hire agreement a trailer value is indicated thus if the trailer is stolen whilst in your care i4hire will seek the payment of the trailer value. If you damage the trailer whilst it is in your care we will retain your 100 deposit and will supply you with the written quotation for repair from our service agent. We will then seek reimbursement of this amount from you. If the repair is for example 50 we would give you the option of either paying this amount separately or would use your deposit cheque for the repair and will then return the balance to you. You are advised to read fully the terms and conditions of hire before entering in the agreement to hire.



Can you supply me with Insurance to cover the trailer?

As a company do not supply insurance. However, if you look on our Home page in the left hand margin you will see an E & L banner and if you click on this you will be able to view a policy and prices supplied by this company for cover for our trailers. The contract for this insurance is between the hirer and E & L. They are able to offer hirers a great price for cover for daily, weekly or seasonal hire periods.



Can I use the trailer other than for transporting horses? 

No. The horse trailer has to be used for the purpose for which it was constructed. If you want to transport any other type of animal you must seek our consent first. For example we have customers who have transported Llamas in our horse trailers and consent was given.

As an example, if you wished to transport furniture or garden machinery this would not be allowed as it would be using the trailer contrary to its design specification. We are protecting your interests by imposing this restriction, as if you were to be involved in a accident and it was deemed you were towing a trailer that was being used against what it was designed for, you could be liable to prosecution plus your car insurance could also be invalidated by your insurers.



What happens if I bring a trailer back late? 

If you go beyond the end time of the hire period and we have received no communication from you and have agreed no extension to the hire we reserve the right to report the trailer as stolen to the Police. In this event we will also supply the Police with the photographic identification you deposited with us plus information we obtained from our security checks to assist them in locating the hirer. In the event of late return of the trailer the daily hire rate charges as stipulated in your contract of hire will be implemented if the trailer is returned late.



How do I know if my car insurance covers me for towing horse trailers?


Either read your policy schedule and certificate or telephone your insurance company and ask them. Most insurers cover you for towing but there are companies who may charge you a one of fee to add this facility to your policy. Check first!



Will you advise me how to use the trailer and how it works? 

On collection we will examine the trailer with you and will advise you on how all aspects of the trailer and its parts can be operated safely and will actually demonstrate to you how certain items work. We may ask you questions concerning where you are going and what size/type of horse you are intending to carry, so again we can give you any extra advice that will assist you. We also give you some printed information on the use of the trailer and we will also demonstrate to you how the security devices provided work.



What happens if I run into difficulties or have a problem while I have the trailer on hire? 

Just telephone us either on the office or mobile number and we will endeavour to sort your problem out either with advice, or if need be we will attend and provide you with assistance.



What happens if I fail to return my paperwork or payment when an extension to hire has verbally been granted?

If a hire agreement has been agreed verbally to be extended we will send you the new contract by first class post. Within our letter it will stipulate that the new hire agreement together with payment has to be returned by the hirer together with the payment within 72 hours (3 days). We urge hirers to do this by either first class or special delivery post. Late or non return of hire agreement extensions are our biggest problem with hirers and if you take into account the number of customers we have this can become problematic. If this occurs attempts will be made to contact you and if the problem is not resolved and we are not in possession of the signed extension and payment from you within 14 days of the current agreement expiring your extension will not be granted and the trailer will have to be returned.



How can I pay? 

We request that all deposits are paid either by Paypal using a debit or credit card or by cheque. The balance of the trailer hire must then be paid by either cash or building society cheque. We cannot accept debit or credit cards at the trailer collection point. If you wish to pay the balance by debit or credit card before collecting the trailer this can be done by Paypal, but we then have a card processing fee charged to us which we then have to pass on to you to pay. This fee is dependent upon the amount of the transaction and we can advise you in advance what it will be. It is a similar fee that that is charged when you draw cash on your VISA etc at a cash point.


If I hire a trailer can I take it outside the UK?

No. All our trailers are restricted for use within mainland UK only.

Do you have pick up points around the UK?

No. All trailers have to be collected & returned to our depot in Dorset.

Do you deliver the trailers to my home address for an extra charge?

Normally, trailers have to be collected from our depot in Dorset but we can supply to you the price for delivery and/or collection if required.


Is Seasonal Hire restricted to customers living within a certain distance of your depot?

All hirers of our trailers have to reside and keep the trailer within the mainland UK.

Can I hire for a part season?

If we have trailers available then we will give you a quote for a shorter period.

Can I buy the trailer I have hired from you at the end of the hire period?

We are constantly up grading our hire fleet so the option to purchase the trailer you have on hire may be available to you. Ifor Williams Horse Trailers have excellent residual values thus normally we obtain the current market value for all our trailers as they are maintained to such a high standard. By purchasing the trailer you have hired you will be purchasing a known quantity which is a considerable advantage to you.


What happens if I fail to keep in touch with you when you attempt to contact me?

Periodically we may contact you by telephone to ensure that all is going well with your hire trailer. Usually, we will contact you around four weeks before you hire agreement is due to expire to ascertain if you wish to extend your agreement. In these events we would urge you to return our calls or emails promptly, failure to do so could result in your agreement being terminated or the facility for future hire being removed.


If I move house, change my telephone numbers or decide to keep the trailer at a new location do I need to tell you?

Yes. All of the above events are a part of the terms and conditions of hire and failure to notify any of the above could result in your agreement being terminated. 


Why are your terms and conditions of hire and contracts to hire so stringent?

In short they never used to be but in recent years we have found that a minority of hirers have taken advantage of perceived shortfalls in our contracts which has resulted in all hirers being subject to such comprehensive agreements now being in place.


What should I do If I know that I could not afford to replace the trailer if it is stolen or if it is damaged when on hire to me and I know that I will not be able to afford to pay for the repairs to it?

Either purchase insurance to cover the hire period or do not enter into an agreement to hire a trailer. If the trailer is stolen or damaged then in accordance with the hire agreement that you have signed our recovery agents will pursue you to a final financial resolution.


All trailers on our hire fleet are supported by a comprehensive record that contains full service and repair details of each trailer. Within this record are also contained photographs of both the exterior and interior of each trailer and you are invited on collection of the trailer to examine it and point out to us any damage that may be evident. These photographs are taken before the commencement of each hire. Each trailer is also serviced in accordance with recommended time frames and examined prior to each new hire by our appointed dealership. Any repairs undertaken on any trailer during it's lifetime on our hire fleet are undertaken by our appointed dealership and records retained. 

If you have any additional questions please click here to contact us.



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